A few months ago I decided to try for Training Peaks accreditation. This demonstrates that I am competent in the use of the Training Peaks platform to provide annual training plans for athletes that I am coaching. 

So why use Training Peaks at all, I know how to train myself I’ve been doing it for years and I’m doing ok….. right?

This is exactly how I used to think, as I blasted up and down, focussing on trying to beat anyone I knew on Strava. But have you ever stopped to think about how we can train more effectively by understanding the training load we are subjecting our bodies to, how regulating this load depending on the type of event we are training for can be beneficial & the importance of ensuring you give yourself adequate time to recovery, so that you get fitter & faster rather than just more & more tired?


There are other advantages too.  For most of us a taper is the few days before an event where we just stop training & rest to ensure our bodies are fresh on the day.  But the clue is in the name.  Imagine being able to add science to this process which allows you to keep training but gradually taper in the run up to an event to ensure we maintain fitness & arrive at the event fresh & firing on all cylinders.

This is where the science of Training Stress Score (TSS), Critical Training Load (CTL), Acute Training Load (ATL) & Training Stress Balance (TSB) comes in.

“I can’t be bothered with all those TLAs and data” I hear your sigh.

Well that’s where your coach comes in. The perfect thing is that your coach can help demystify the science for you, or if you are the sort of person who just wants to get on and train without worrying about the data then that’s ok too as your Training Peaks certified coach will do it all for you.

With an annual training plan created using Training Peaks and a compatible GPS device all you need to do is turn your watch on and it will provide you instructions about today’s workout automatically. It really couldn’t be simpler.  Your Training Peaks certified coach will help you to target your training load tailored to your chosen event(s), based on discipline, type of event, distance & most importantly your own personal goals or aspirations.  You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from all this, the same approach is as applicable to a novice competing for the first time as it is for a veteran Olympian, or a seasoned competitor who just needs some help to break through the barrier and break their personal best.  The principles are essentially the same

RAM Coaching is dedicated to providing bespoke individual training plans at an affordable price to dedicated athletes of all levels. Whether you’re a GB Age Group machine, or just looking to complete your first event we can help you to set and achieve your goals with a bespoke personal training plan.

To ask how RAM Coaching can help you click the link below & complete the contact form.

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